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Corporate Volunteers

Did you know that corporate volunteer programs can help develop employee skills, improve leadership skills, create teamwork opportunities and create more job satisfaction? According to a study by the University of Texas and the Points of Light Foundation, 58% of companies use employee volunteer programs for recruiting and keeping employees, and 97% of employee-volunteer managers felt corporate volunteerism improved teamwork within teams.

Adaptive Sports Connection has opportunities throughout the year for Corporate Volunteers to make a huge impact. So, whether you bring your team or department to assist in a spring fix up day or site winterize day or to provide volunteer buddies for a cycling, skiing, water skiing, sailing, rock climbing, or kayaking event, your team will walk away knowing they made a difference.

Corporate/Group Volunteer Request Form

Thank you for your interest in bringing your group to Adaptive Sports Connection. Your team's involvement will have a huge impact on our mission.

Groups will be contacted within 3 business days of submitting the form. Details will be finalized closer to the event date.

Please contact info@adaptivesportsconnection.org with any questions.



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Group Volunteers

High school groups, church groups, sororities, fraternities, civic groups, meet-up groups, and any other group - volunteering together in our adaptive adventure sports activities is just plain fun. Not only will you make an impact on people with disabilities, working together with your group will increase your happiness. And, did we mention it's fun!

Open House dad and son

Circle of Friends & Family Volunteers for Private Outings

New to the Adaptive Sports Connection this year is our circle of friends and family volunteer teams. If you have a friend or family member that has a disability of any kind and you would like to support them during a private outing for kayaking or cycling, we will train you and help schedule your adventure outing.


Organization Volunteers

Our organization is volunteer-driven. Outside of hands-on sports and recreational activities, opportunities include: marketing and fundraising committees, gala auction, winter sports challenge, event planning, property maintenance engineering, bike assembly, coaching, and more.

OSU physical therapy volunteers

Social Enterprise Volunteers

We also have volunteer opportunities to help with our corporate and group adventure outings that help support the organization through our social enterprise.