Boundless Courage Campaign

This is an annual campaign like no other.

Join us to raise $500,000 in the Boundless Courage Annual Challenge to support children, adults, and veterans with physical and cognitive challenges.

of $500,000 raised



Boundless Courage

  • You are helping 70 children, adults, and veterans participate in any of our adaptive sports and recreation programs.

Boundless Freedom

  • You are helping 30 children, adults, and veterans participate in any of our adaptive sports and recreation programs.

Boundless Resilience

  • Provides a mono-ski for adults and veterans

Boundless Perseverance

  • Provides for an adaptive bike for an adult

Boundless Laughter

  • Provides an adaptive bike for a child including bike evaluation, bike assembly, surprise delivery, RideOn Bike Camp

Boundless Independence

  • Gives 40 kids at local schools a kayak outing

Boundless Support

  • Supports our custom programs for children and adults with autism, spina bifida, and other cognitive disabilities

Boundless Possibilities

  • Provides a family with a membership to the Adaptive Sports Connection

Boundless Opportunity

  • Provides for an adaptive ski lesson

Boundless Fun

  • Provides for a cycling outing for a family

Boundless Giggles

  • Provides for our summer bike clinic for a child
TAASC Founder Steve Ricker with a participant

We all understand that this life is full of challenges. But for people with disabilities, it is even more challenging.

An unexpected accident that causes a spinal cord injury; cancer or diabetes that causes an amputation; war that causes an injury; birth defect that causes a malformation; neurological condition that causes immobility; stroke that causes partial paralysis; infection that causes vision impairment; substance abuse, dementia, brain injury, trauma, and any number of other conditions that cause cognitive and physical disabilities.

Research has since confirmed the power that sports can have for people with disabilities. A Harris Interactive research study of more than 1,000 adults with disabilities showed that those participating in adaptive sports programs had higher employment rates, were happier, healthier, and enjoyed higher socialization than those not participating in adaptive sports.

Through community partnerships with other organizations and school systems, along with increased awareness of our programs, we have seen an increase of nearly 50% - serving 1413 participants and 3000 plus family members. We had 420 volunteers last year logging in 44,855 hours.

With our continued growth, your support is critical. It costs $364 to serve one participant. From adaptive equipment, transportation, medical observation, adaptive sports training for volunteers, insurance, day programs, custom events, excursions and individual activities - we need your help to keep up with the growing demands for our programs.

Take the Boundless Courage Challenge!

For naming and other gift opportunities, please contact Sharon Bucey, CEO at or (630) 945-1787.