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"She loves to peddle and ride and after lots of hard work has finally got it down!"

Aamaris T., 17, Columbus
Down Syndrome

Aamaris is a 17-year-old female who has longed to go bike riding. She has been working with Nationwide Children's Hospital to learn how to ride a bike for the last 3 to 4 years and would be so excited to have her very own bike!

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"I can’t wait for Maggie to have her own bike!"

Maggie D., 15, Columbus
Down Syndrome

Maggie has loved riding the bike at therapy and will benefit from being able to ride a bike at home to increase her activity level!

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"Reece will be so excited to have his own bike!"

Reece M., 6, Kenton
Down Syndrome

Reece has outgrown the standard size tricycle but is not independent enough for a bike that's typically marketed towards his age. He uses a bike in therapy that we feel would benefit him for a longer term goal achievable.

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"Having a bike would be one more way he would feel like a normal child and that is a feeling we wish for Colt to have everyday!"

Colt C., 8, Morral

Cole has a heart of gold. He is the most kind hearted and inquisitive little boy! He was born with poor muscle tone and failed to meet many milestones as an infant and by age 2 he was diagnosed with Autism. He immediately started early intervention but was still non verbal until age 4. Since then he has worked so hard to overcome the many obstacles. He is the child of 4 and wants so badly to be like his older brother in every way!

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"I am excited to be able to ride my bike with my mom."

Olena C., 9, Dublin
Down Syndrome

I am 9 years old and have been working really hard to be able to do more active activities with my Mom over the last year. My mom loves to ride her bike and teach me about loving the outdoors, and we create some of our best cherished memories in those spaces. I have a lot of trouble with my vision and need special glasses to help me see and calculate my stops and turns with my depth perception. I am making big progress riding my bike with my training wheels for extra stability, but still feel afraid at times to practice riding or venture on new trails that my mom really loves. With the right support, I know I can do anything, and I'm hopeful that you can help me and my Mom strengthen our love for riding bikes together.

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"A bike would give Ryan the chance to play and be active with his other siblings."

Ryan E., 10, Howard
Autism and Global Development Delay

Ryan has occasional falls due to balance issues. He is able to walk, but is slow and has poor balance. He uses a medical stroller for community distances due to slow speed and attention and concerns for running off. Ryan loves to be outside and ride his bike with his 7 other siblings.

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Referral Source: Nationwide Children’s Hospital


"Sam is excited to be able to ride his very own bike on our family bike rides."

Samuel S., 4, Marysville

Sam is the most loving little boy. He is non-verbal, but he knows exactly how to show you his love. We like going on bike rides. Sam usually rides in a bike wagon behind my bike. He loves riding these bikes during therapy and he is always trying to get on his sister's bike, but he can't keep his feet on the pedals. Sam is also a runner, so this bike will keep him safe, help him physically, and he will love it.

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"We want him to be able to enjoying riding a bike like other kids his age."

Ilyas S., 8, Pickerington

Ilyas has tried a 2 wheel bike in the past, but was not successful. This new bike would be amazing because it would allow him to be like every other child. He would be happy riding a bike, knowing he is not different from other children. He will enjoy riding a bike because it will be a fun and healthy way for him to be active and a part of a community.

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Referral Source: Nationwide Children’s Hospital


"He looked so natural while riding the bike, he had the biggest smile on his face."

Cameron Z., 11, Columbus

A bike would mean the world to my son, because of his ailment he's only been able to ride a bike at therapy sessions or a previous special needs school he attended. My grandmother (Cameron's best friend 🙂 just received a bike a few weeks back and they both more than anything want to ride bikes together before the summer is over.

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"Dalton misses having a bike and would love to receive another one!"

Dalton S., 21, North Lewisburg
Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Dalton is a 21 year old fun loving young man, he loves to walk, play in the water, bouncing on his medicine ball, and watching TV. He had a bike years ago and enjoyed it but grew out of it and then we donated it to his school for other children to learn and have fun.

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"We really hope you will consider us to get a bike for my son would be so happy and appreciative!"

Ka’Ni W., 11, Columbus
Cerebral Palsy

It’s important to us because he is 11 years old and due to the stroke he had when I was pregnant with him he is unable to use the left side of his body which prevents him from being able to ride a bike without training wheels. So you can imagine what that can feel like for a preteen to have to ride a bike with training wheels plus the bikes are not big enough for him that still have training wheels. Also they had three wheel bikes in physical therapy so he would also be getting some therapy in every time he rides which will be everyday if approved!!

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“I want to do the best I can for my son.”

Varnit S., 3, Marysville
Cri du Chat; Developmental Delay; Hypotonia

Varnit has a twin sister and loves to play with her. An adaptive bike will allow him to be more independent, but also provide him a way to keep up with his sister and participate in more age appropriate gross motor skills. He shows such good interest with the bike during therapy!

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Referring Partner: Memorial Hospital


“ I am so excited to hear about this program! Having Kara ride a bike that fits will open up her world, I'm sure. We hopefully can bike as a family, all together!”

Kara M., 5, Marysville
Down Syndrome

Kara looooves to pedal around the neighborhood on her tricycle! She is getting too big for it, however, so her legs have to work harder to pedal naturally. She cannot pedal independently, so mom or dad have to use a push handle to keep her moving, but she loves the independence of riding a bike. She waves at neighbors and planes...everyone is a friend to Kara!

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Kaylin W., 10
Complex Partial Seizures

Due to her diagnosis Kaylin has weakness on the left side, riding a bike is one way to help her strengthen her side. Her family would love to see Kaylin learn to ride a bike indepently to not only give her body more strength but a fun activity for them to share together!

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Referring Partner: Nationwide Children's Hospital


Thor L., 8

Thor is 8 years old and non verbal. He is very eager to ride a bike but lacks motor skills and comprehension to do so independently. Having an adaptive bike will allow him to ride a bike with his friends and family providing an experience of a lifetime!

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Xzavier R., 7, Crestline
Septic Optic Dysplasia, Hyper Pituitary Dysplasiay

Xzavier is blind and he gets bored easily, but he likes to play outside and have something to keep him busy! Having a bike would help with something safe for him to do outside!

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Referring Partner: Nationwide Children’s Hospital


“Having an adaptive bike will give Dominic the opportunity to move and push his body in new ways!”

Dominic Y., 3
TBI, Spasticity, Seizure Disorder, Global Developmental Delay

Dominic is a highly motivated 3 year old! He strives to be just like his classmates and is determined to get to a normal functioning level. He always pushes himself and LOVES to go go go! This bike would give him the opportunity to be just like his friends and use his body in different ways!

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Referring Partner: Akron Children’s Hospital


“Having an adaptive bike will give James the opportunity to ride a bike with his peers and improve his mobility!”

James K., 6
Hemiplegia Hemiconvulsion Epilepsy Syndrome

James is a thriving 6 year old with a huge personality! Without being able to walk and talk James still manages to be a light in any room!

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Referring Partner: Akron Children’s Hospital



“Having the extra support and being able to ride a bike would mean the world to Baylee! ”

Baylee N., 4
Menkes Disease

Baylee is a happy little girl who despite setbacks from her disease works so hard to do the things her big sister does!

Sponsor: Peer-to-Peer Friends and Family

Referring Partner: Akron Children’s Hospital


Cora M., 5
Spina Bifida

Cora is a very active 5 year old. She started Kindergarten this year and is thriving! Cora stays active with swimming and playing sled hockey;she loves to play outside with her brother, friends, and the neighborhood kids. Cora was able to get a hand tricycle that was perfect for her a couple of years ago and she loved taking bike rides in the neighborhood. After 2 years with that trike, she has outgrown it and we are eager to get her riding again with her friends and family! Having an adaptive bike gives Cora the mobility and independence that she doesn’t always have in her wheelchair.

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“(while testing a bike at Pedal with Pete event) I can’t believe the smile on his face when he rides!”

Kennedy, 6, from Columbus
Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Kennedy enjoys playing outside and spending time with his family. Riding a bike can help keep him healthier and enjoying life. He can build up his strength and become more independent.

Sponsor: Pedal with Pete


“Owen can’t wait to have his very own bike!”

Owen W., 5
Cerebral Palsy

Owen currently has a tricycle but due to his diagnosis he cannot keep his left foot on the pedal and cannot use his left hand to hold the handlebars. He also has a difficult time getting his leg high enough to get on and off the tricycle. Having an adaptive bike will give him the opportunity to ride with freedom and independence. He cannot wait to have his very own bike!

Sponsor: Adaptive Sports Connection Donors

Referring Partner: Akron Children's Hospital


“Sophia is a very motivated young girl who just wants to ride a bike and will benefit from it in more ways than one!”

Sophia M., 13
Massive Stroke, Moyamoya, Adrenal insufficiency, growth delays, lymphedema

Sophia is 13 years old and had a massive stroke in 2018 due to the stroke she is partially paralyzed on her right side. She loves to ride bikes, play basketball and draw! She would love to have the freedom to be able to ride bikes with her sisters again!

Sponsor: Peer-to-Peer Friends and Family

Referring Partner: Akron Children's Hospital


“Jordan and his family are so excited for him to be able to ride with them on family bike rides!”

Jordan H., 12
Spastic Cerbral Palsy

Jordan is a 12 year old boy who has 3 brothers and 1 sister and he is the joy of his whole family's life! Jordan has spastic quadraplegic cerbral palsy with other medical conditions that require alot of care. His family tries very hard to fit him in to what the rest of the family is doing and are so excited for him to be able to ride with them! A bike would be amazing for the family so he can go on bike rides with the family instead of getting pushed in his wheelchair which also will allow hime to get exercise for his legs!

Sponsor: Adaptive Sports Connection Donors

Referring Partner: Akron Children’s Hospital


“An Adaptive Bike will be life changing for our family and for Cherysh!"

Cherysh S., 7
MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Epilepsy

Cherysh is a happy and playful 7 year old who greets each challenge with a smile! She has a neurological disorder that comes with lots of disabilities and health problems. Every new skill she gains is at risk of becoming permanently lost once regressions begin and her disorder can be fatal. She is very smart and strong and does all she can to feel like a "normal" kid despite her challenges. Her disorder affects her muscles and mobility and makes it hard to ride a bike as she doesn't have the strength although she tires anyway. An adaptive bike would help her with her physical therapy that is so vital to maintaining her mobility. It will allow her a sense of accomplishment and normalcy in her unordinary life.

Sponsor: Adaptive Sports Connection Donors

Referring Partner: Akron Children's Hospital


“I want to ride too!”

Martha L., 17, Columbus
Spastic Triplegia

A bicycle would do so much to help Martha get some exercise that would strengthen her legs and muscles. She has nothing else that can do what a bike could do. She could go to the park and enjoy the summer more.

Sponsor: Adaptive Sports Connection Donors

Referring Partner: Nationwide Children’s Hospital


"Karlie can’t wait to ride her very own adaptive bike!"

Karlie C., 6
Syngap 1

Karlie is a super friendly and outgoing six year old girl! She perks up when she hears her favorite bluegrass music and favorite show Boss Baby. She was recently diagnosed with Syngap 1 and even though she has special needs she never lets that get her down!

Sponsor: Peer-to-Peer Friends and Family

Referring Partner: Akron Children’s Hospital

Impact lives with one bike today!

Every child deserves a chance to learn how to ride a bike – to feel the freedom and fun with friends and family. For thousands of central Ohio children with disabilities, the access, cost, and training for the right adaptive equipment is out of reach.

Adaptive Sports Connection provides specialized adaptive bikes for children. Working with a volunteer team of physical therapists and cycling enthusiasts, we offer bike evaluations for children, purchase adaptive bikes, put together the bikes, deliver the bikes, and teach children how to ride the bikes.

The joy on the faces of the children and parents is priceless. Last year we gave away 70 adaptive bikes to children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

This year we hope to give away 400 adaptive bikes through our Boundless Challenge Bike Giveaway for Kids.

Bikes restore a sense of possibility and ability to those whom are often told by society that their life is about limitations and disability. Help us in giving the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility through adaptive cycling.

Give the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility!

For more information, please contact Sharon Schreiber, Executive Director
at or (630) 945-1787.