"Riding a bike means I get to spread my happiness to people."

Simon S., 10, Hilliard

Simon is a 10-year-old ball of sunshine - he’s high energy, always on the go, and loves playing outside. He’s defied all the experts on what they said he couldn’t do - and his zest for life and smile on his face is unmatched.


"A very special bike for a a very special boy to ride."

Matthew B., 12, Grove City
Williams Syndrome

Traditional bikes are scary for Matthew. He outgrew his last special bike. Feeling confident on a special bike would allow Matthew to ride bikes with his family and the neighborhood kids. I would love to see him riding again!


Edrik B., 5, Johnstown
Spina Bifida

We love doing family things, hiking bike rides, etc, and Edrik wants us to go and ride bikes again.

Edrik loves using magnetiles, art, outdoor events, and bike riding and has recently gotten into sled hockey.


Aion G., 4, Columbus
Chromosome deletion

Aion loves to be outside and we want him to be able to ride a bike with us.


"Having a bike and learning to ride a bike would allow him a new leisure activity to engage in while he gets older."

Eyosias D., 16, Blacklick

When he was a toddler Eyosias was using a 3-wheel bike and then, he has not ridden a bike. He is good at learning new things when shown how and very good at following a routine. Eyosias likes to be outside walking with his family and playing in the water. He loves to go to the park and swing. Eyosias also enjoys jumping on the trampoline, music, coloring, high-fives, making fruit smoothies, and playing with others. Eyosias uses an AAC device to communicate with his peers.


Raylan D., 7, Alexandria (KY)
Cerebral Palsy

Raylan is an extremely creative and bright kid. Raylan enjoys being outside playing with his friends and his dog. Raylan loves art and being able to express himself creatively. Raylan is active in Karate and recently received his blue belt.


"I would love to go biking with my brother."

Jacob E., 5, Columbus
Cerebral Palsy

Jacob is not able to pedal a regular bike. He would love to go biking with his brother. Jacob is a special kid and wishes that he could gain these skills and be able to do it with his brother. Owning a bike will make his dream come true. Jacob is currently taking speech therapies and trying to improve his skills each and every day.


Benjamin W., 12, McArthur
CP, ASD, hydrocephalus


"Watch me ride a bike independent ly with a proud smile."

Surinity M., 8, Bloomfield
3P 25 deletion, Severe intellectual disability, Autism

Due to Surinity's severe and varied diagnoses, she has been limited in her normal play and social activities. Having a bike would give her more independence and help her mobility.


"A bike would help him feel more like a kid and be able to enjoy riding a bike."

Parker G., 8, Pataskala
Craniopharyngioma, cva, autism

Parker was diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years old. Throughout the years he has had difficulty with gross motor movement which was likely contributed by his unknown tumor at the time. We thought he was just picky and afraid to get hurt. He is the sweetest kid and has always wanted to ride a bike but hasn't been able to ride a regular one due to being afraid to get on the bike and afraid of his balance issues. This bike would help him feel more like a kid and be able to enjoy riding a bike.


"She would get the biggest grin on her face and start turning the handles and pedaling."

Elodie W., 2, Streetsboro
Diplegic cerebral palsy

Elodie is a sweet, silly girl who loves telling everyone what a big girl she is. She loves throwing balls with her family, being chased, and any opportunity to move like a big girl using her gait trainer. She has used an adaptive bike a couple of times during her PT sessions and loved it. She would get the biggest grin on her face and start turning the handles and pedaling. I would love for her to be able to do something that she sees her peers doing so that she continues to feel like the big girl that she loves telling everyone she is. She is such a happy kid and I think this bike will give her so many opportunities for happiness while riding around our neighborhood or at parks.


"I can’t wait to ride a bike again!"

Gabriella F., 9, Reynoldsburg
Medulloblastoma, sustained some brain injury and nerve damage, has some lower extremity weakness, and uses a reverse walker and AFO's for mobility

Gabi is a wonderful young lady who enjoys arts and crafts, animals, going to school, baking, and making friends. She enjoys riding the bike during therapy sessions and having her own bike would allow her to get out with her family and many dogs (she has 5!) It would allow her to be more independent and keep getting stronger in her daily life.


"She’s going to love her new bike."

Miya B., 11, Creston
Spina Bifida

Miya is an amazing little girl. Her life started out very difficult, she was severely neglected. She came to live with us a year ago, she is so loving, she loves everyone. She loves to paint and do crafts but most of all she loves playing with other children.


Hayden L., 3, Hudson
CDG-PIGN (hypotonia, seizures, developmental delay)

Hayden is a happy little guy who loves music, animals and being outside for walks or swinging.


"Amelia’s family couldn’t wait for Amelia to ride her own adaptive bike."

Amelia M., 12, Marysville
Jacobsen Syndrome

Amelia is unable to ride a typical bike. Our family is very active and we love to take walks, hike, ride bikes and be outdoors as much as possible. Since Amelia is unable to ride a typical bike, it is necessary for her to have an adaptive bike for her safety. We would love for her to be able to enjoy the outdoors, get some physical activity doing something tailored for her, and feel a sense of accomplishment knowing she is doing it all on her own without our assistance.


"This bike would give him the ability to be more independent, get stronger, and be able to explore his surroundings safely."

Oliver K., 2, Hilliard
Left side hemiplegic cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, Grade 4 Brain Bleedalus, grade 4 brain bleed

The bike would mean the world to my toddler who is full of smiles, positivity, and resilience. My little man is very tough and he has overcome many challenges from his NICU days and has withstood many surgeries and hospitalizations. He loves being active, exploring the outside world, loves animals, loves water and sensory play, and especially loves playing with balls. He is very curious and creative. The bike would give him the ability to be more independent, get stronger, and be able to explore his surroundings in a safe manner.


"I want to ride, too!"

Braylon P., 10, Mantua
Cerebral Palsy

Braylon is a joyful kid who enjoys spending time outdoors and playing video games. He has a positive mindset and doesn't let anything bring him down. Raylon is intelligent and persistent, never allowing obstacles to hinder him.

An adaptive bike will be beneficial for Braylon's therapeutic needs and allow him to ride alongside his brother.


Griffin T., 13, Cuyahoga Falls
Spina Bifida

Griffin loves to camp & hike. This bike will help because Griffin gets tired when walking too far. The wheelchair is not so good on rough terrain.

Impact lives with one bike today!

Every child deserves a chance to learn how to ride a bike – to feel the freedom and fun with friends and family. For thousands of central Ohio children with disabilities, the access, cost, and training for the right adaptive equipment is out of reach.

Adaptive Sports Connection provides specialized adaptive bikes for children. Working with a volunteer team of physical therapists and cycling enthusiasts, we offer bike evaluations for children, purchase adaptive bikes, put together the bikes, deliver the bikes, and teach children how to ride the bikes.

The joy on the faces of the children and parents is priceless. Last year we gave away 70 adaptive bikes to children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

This year we hope to give away 400 adaptive bikes through our Boundless Challenge Bike Giveaway for Kids.

Bikes restore a sense of possibility and ability to those whom are often told by society that their life is about limitations and disability. Help us in giving the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility through adaptive cycling.

Give the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility!

For more information, please contact Sharon Bucey, CEO
at or (630) 945-1787.