"This bike will help me get stronger and have fun!"

Tenley S., 4, Powell
Spinal muscular atrophy, type 1

Tenley loves Disney princesses, unicorns, mermaids, and Paw Patrol pups. She loves to sing and is very friendly! She loves to play on accessible playgrounds with friends.


"Thank you for helping by donating and making his wishes come true to own his very own recumbent bike!"

Adam A., 21, Columbus
Autism, Non-Verbal

Adam is 21 years old who is non-verbal with Autism, he has learned how to ride a bike for the first time in his life which is super exciting for him. He feels independent and is able to enjoy a physical activity with his mother and friends at the same time as staying active and fit. Riding a bicycle makes him smile and he loves being able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings around him. #stayactiveandhavefun


"I am excited to get my first bike. I am excited for a new adventure!"

Alice E., 11, Mansfield
Multiple health issues

Alice is a joyful kid. She loves to swing and play with her toys. She's always excited to ride a bike during appointments with her therapist.


"Having Aubrey ride a bike that fits her...will open up her world and hopefully we can bike together as a family!"

Aubrey S., 21, Westerville
Developmental delay, Epilepsy

Aubrey is a sweet young lady who loves the zoo and its characters. She is developmentally two years old and needs constant supervision. She is nonverbal but shows what she enjoys with gestures and sounds. This bike will help with her daily exercise.


Peinda S., 11, Columbus
Down Syndrome


"I can’t wait to go bike riding with my sister!"

Jevian R., 8, Columbus
Muscular Distrofy

Jevian loves to play with his sister and would love to be able to play with his sister outside. He can only play with her outside for a little bit of time right now because of the limited resources and his activity tolerance. Jevian also loves sports and LEGOs.


"Nothing makes me happier than riding my bike with family and friends!"

Jolee G., 14, Reynoldsburg
Cerebral Palsy

Jolee loves large thrills and adventure. She would love to be able to go out with her younger sister and mother on the road. This would also help her develop her leg muscles to assist in standing for long periods and assist in getting her walking.


"With a new bike, she could go out with her sister and friends again."

Adalynn J., 13, Mansfield
Cerebral Palsy

Adalynn is a 12 year old girl who previously had a Rifton, but unfortunately grew out of it. We, as a family, would love to take bike rides together. Adalynn loved being able to ride bikes with her sister and friends from the neighborhood. With a new bike she could do those things again!


"Finally, I can ride a bike!"

Aidan R., 14, Aurora
Down Syndrome


"A bike makes his therapy more fun and family walks an adventure!"

Xavier W., 5, Huntington (WV)
Ataxic Cerebral Palsy

Xavier is a fun-loving little boy with a ton of energy! He loves being outside and asks almost daily to ride his bike (a push tricycle he has almost outgrown)! Xavier’s favorite things are Paw Patrol and Church. He loves to sing and clap to all music, especially his Jesus songs! Xavier loves making friends and a new bike would provide many opportunities to make new friends. It would help him feel included now but also teach him skills to ride independently in the future.


"Riding a bike will be the highlight of my summer!"

David S., 14, Columbus
Autism and Chronic lung disease

Freedom, joy, happiness and so much more. David is a very bright young man who desperately wants to go and enjoy the outdoors and the world around him but is extremely limited due to many medical conditions. He smiled as I have never seen before when he sat on this bike. It would improve not just his life but his self-esteem as well.


"I love my bike!"

Hector M., 7, Marysville

Hector loves outdoor activities, hickory dock songs, and sea creatures. He enjoys playing outside with his little sister and dogs, long walks, running, and is always on the move. He has been more interested in sports and with extra assistance he can engage in similar tasks as his peers, giving him a bike will help him play with peers more independently.


"Can’t wait to explore on wheels!"

Franny D., 3, Gahanna
Quadriplegic Cerebral palsy, epilepsy, CVI, scoliosis, low tone are the main ones

Franny loves to move and to be outside! She is so energetic and fun-loving. Franny loves to swim, play with her sister, and just joined a tee-ball league! We go on walks all the time and love to explore our town so this would be such a fun way she can get around but also get exercise herself (without being pushed in her chair).


"To be able to ride a bike independently is a memory I will treasure like the photos I would looked back"

Aleena P., 11, Powell
Autism, language and auditory processing disorder

She loves to color, pretend play with dolls, telling stories, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, watching tv, play video games, and look at old pictures/videos.

To ride independently a regular 2-wheel bike is a life skill we want her to have. It would allow her to participate in a family and peer friend activity independently, and build confidence and self-esteem.


"Happiness is riding a bike with my family and friends."

Ayrys R., 7, Mansfield
Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy

This bike will help Ayrys to be active and happy like all the other children riding bicycles.


"A bike for me to ride! It will bring me to the people I want to bond with."

Charlie C., 9, Dublin
Autism, ADHD

A bike would help Charlie to join his siblings in riding in our neighborhood. It could help him to feel some independence and enjoyment of his own making while being included in the group. It could build confidence. Charlie is trying to find his way to be “ in” with his siblings and neighbors for outside play.


"Excited for a new adventure on wheels!"

Sawyer S., 3, Crestline
Cerebral Palsy, Autism

Sawyer is a sweet girl who loves to be outside. her favorite hobbies include swinging and playing with her siblings. She wants to be just like her older siblings and having a bike to help her feel like a normal kid would allow her to do that.


"With a bike, I can go anywhere and spread love and happiness!"

Carter C., 7, Powell
Down Syndrome

Carter is 7 years old. He has the most outgoing personality and makes so many friends at his school that we are often stopped when we are in public by adults or children who know him. His teacher says that walking down the hall with him takes a long time because he greets everyone with a high five, hug, or handshake. He loves Marvel superheroes, especially Incredible Hulk and Spider-man. Carter has overcome many health challenges and many hospitals stays with a smile on his face. He has bad days of course like everyone else but he faces even those with determination. He loves to dance and always has a song in his head.

He especially loves Bruno Mars and the musicals Singing in the Rain and Hamilton which he loves to imitate. His show-stopper is definitely the Singing in the Rain dance!

Carter does not go to the same school that the neighborhood kids all go to. A bike would help Carter with confidence in making neighborhood friends and a local community of playmates.


"I am eager to have a bike. I just know I will love it."

Sam D., 9, Worthington

Sam is very interested in riding a bicycle. Though he’s blind in one eye, and balance will be an issue, nothing will stop him from learning to ride one.


"I will finally learn how to ride a bike!"

Mouad I., 8, Dublin
Autism Spectrum

Mouad loves to be outside. He loves to swing and go swimming. He also loves anything that spins and moves. He would love a bike to be able to go bike riding with his siblings. He often tries to ride a bike with them but has not been successful with a typical bike. He would also like a bike to help increase his independence and situational awareness.


"Carmella would love to be able to ride a bike every day to have something fun and enjoyable to do outside since she isn’t mobile to do most things."

Carmella M., 4, Twinsburg
Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Carmella is a very happy, smiley four-year-old girl. She loves animals, and going to the zoo is especially fun for her. She has a dog and two older brothers who enjoy making her laugh daily. She likes to paint, listen to books, accomplish puzzles, and paint her mama's toenails. She really enjoys swimming as of lately and is happiest when in the water or outside. She is easily upset when someone gets hurt or is sad and needs to kiss their ouchie. She is a compassionate, strong-willed little girl. Carmella loves to ride her bike and swing on the swing at therapy. She loves to see nature and points out birds, trees, flowers, and the sky. She doesn’t let her disease or epilepsy stop her from being a silly, sweet kind little girl!


"Cycling is a passion of both my husband and myself- we hope to see our little boy someday join in the family fun of bike riding. We know that day will come!"

Joshua D., 4, Columbus
Autism & Developmental Delays

Joshua likes to be on the move- he is joyful and laughs often! His body is often in motion! He giggles at silly things and likes to be with others. He likes animals, outer space, and storms, and being outdoors is a happy place for him. He likes to explore and investigate how things work.

He shows interest in riding a tricycle, however he struggles with motor skills, core strength and balance to maneuver a tricycle. We hope an adaptive bike will help our little one continue his love for movement and have his world opened up with the joy of riding a bike and all the places that bike will take him!


"A bike of my own, will bring a smile on my face."

Liam E., 8, Obetz
Cerebral Palsy

This bike would mean a lot to Liam because it would give him a sense of independence. Our family enjoys going on walks a lot. He has a wonderful wagon that we use for family outings or if we are out in the community. Liam enjoys riding the bike whenever he's at Nationwide Children's Hospital for a bi-weekly physical therapy, that it's hard for us to get him off.


"Having a bike means I’ll get to explore more than I have."

Bryce M., 11, Delaware
Cerebellar AVM

Bryce is a competitive Hockey player. He enjoys playing outside in the woods and loves being outdoors.


"One extraordinary bike for one playful boy please…"

Reed S., 9, Centerburg
CHARGE Syndrome

Reed is an ornery, silly, and extremely playful kid. He has an extensive and complex medical history including CHARGE Syndrome, history of stroke, autism, and deafblind. A blurb about him can be found at


"The best part of riding a bike is that I get to do it with my family."

Gaige F., 12, Zanesville
Seizures, Developmental delay

Gaige is 17 and loves the outdoors. We go on a lot of walks and having a bike would be another thing he could use outdoors.



"Riding is so much fun!"

Sophia W., 4, Columbus
SCN2A gene that causes epilepsy and autism

Sophia has recently learned how to balance herself on a bike, and it brings her immense joy to ride it outside alongside her brother who has ASD. Being able to ride a bike gives Sophia an opportunity to appreciate her independence and feel like any other carefree kid.

Impact lives with one bike today!

Every child deserves a chance to learn how to ride a bike – to feel the freedom and fun with friends and family. For thousands of central Ohio children with disabilities, the access, cost, and training for the right adaptive equipment is out of reach.

Adaptive Sports Connection provides specialized adaptive bikes for children. Working with a volunteer team of physical therapists and cycling enthusiasts, we offer bike evaluations for children, purchase adaptive bikes, put together the bikes, deliver the bikes, and teach children how to ride the bikes.

The joy on the faces of the children and parents is priceless. Last year we gave away 70 adaptive bikes to children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

This year we hope to give away 400 adaptive bikes through our Boundless Challenge Bike Giveaway for Kids.

Bikes restore a sense of possibility and ability to those whom are often told by society that their life is about limitations and disability. Help us in giving the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility through adaptive cycling.

Give the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility!

For more information, please contact Sharon Bucey, CEO
at or (630) 945-1787.