"I want to be able to ride with my friends!"

David G., 10, Columbus
Myelomeningocele (Spina Bifida)

David would benefit from having a bicycle to be able to play with his friends in the neighborhood. His friends love to ride bikes and he is unable to keep up. He has tried other forms of transportation and has failed. David would benefit from a bike to allow him to play with his peers and continue reaching therapy goals.


"Getting this bike for Jose will put a smile on his face and will help him feel free to move and play again."

Jose G., 8, Dayton
Spinal Cord Stroke, Paralysis

Jose, also known as "Jojo" is an 8-year-old who has been battling with strokes since 12/2020, he lost function from the waist down 12/1/2021. He loves video games and playing outside with his brothers and sister. He is part of a tight-knit community just north of Dayton, OH. He loves basketball and racing on bicycles. He hates being in the hospital and he sometimes loves and hates his neurologist. He knows she's doing her best to find out what's causing his strokes but he's still a kid and just wants to be a kid. Getting this bike would help him become active again outdoors with his siblings and friends and not be stuck in his wheelchair and feeling left out.


"Zaren would be like one of the big kids with his cool bike!"

Zaren B., 4, Massillon
Spina Bifida, Chiari Malformation Type II

Zaren is a 4 yr old little boy with Spina Bifida. His diagnosis doesn't define him, and he lets nothing stand in his way. He has been through so much in his 4 years of life, but you will never see him without a smile. He's had 10 surgeries and countless extended stays in the hospital. He's busy from the time his eyes open in the morning until they close at night. He's always trying to keep up with his siblings and friends. He is one of 7 children! He has 2 brothers and 4 sisters! He loves to play basketball and football with his brothers. He loves to "run drills' with his oldest brother! He takes his walker out in the yard and tries to keep up the best he can. His oldest brother is a Junior at Massillon Washington High school and a Massillon Tiger football player. Zaren was named Honorary Captain of the football team this year. He felt like he was one of the "big boys" out there on the field! Those were his teammates. He loves to feel included in all of the activities that other kids do and play. For Zaren to have one of these bikes would be a huge blessing because he would be able to go outside and not just watch his siblings ride their bikes, but be able to ride with them! He would be like one of the big kids with his cool bike!


"Ben's face will be beaming with joy once he gets to ride his very own bike."

Ben P., 6, Columbus
Down Syndrome

Ben is a happy, strong, tough, 6-year-old boy. He loves to swim, dance, and play with his siblings. In the warmer months, his twin brother and older sister love to ride around the neighborhood on their bikes. By this summer, Ben will officially be too tall to ride in his family's bike trailer. He does not have the coordination to ride a traditional two-wheel bike, even with training wheels. When Public Lands opened in Polaris, Ben got to try out one of the bikes and he rocked it! His face was beaming with pride after successfully riding one of the adapted bikes!


"I'm excited to ride my bike freely."

Qatrnada S., 10, Columbus
Cerebral Palsy

Having a bike will hopefully help more with her using her legs and having more freedom and also playing with her friends/family/siblings.


"Levi's super excited to be able to enjoy bike rides again!"

Levi B., 6, Delaware

Levi is a very happy and silly 6-year-old boy with autism. His favorite things are slinky's, fuzzy pillows and blankets, and movies, especially Toy Story. When we get to be outside he enjoys swimming, going on walks, and bike rides! Unfortunately, he's outgrown all the push tricycles. He still has issues pedaling and steering, so he needs a bike that we could help push and steer for him. We are hoping we can find a bike that Levi can continue to learn on and eventually ride by himself. We would love nothing more for Levi to be able to enjoy bike rides again!


"I can't wait for me and my family to enjoy bike rides together."

Leila J., 10, Galena
Global developmental delays, autism, cleft lip and palate

We adopted Leila from China in 2015 and found her to be non-verbal, suffering from malnutrition, have Global Developmental Delays, and severe autism. She is an absolutely tender-hearted soul who loves movement and to be outside. This bike would allow us to take Leila on rides to better understand and appreciate the world around her. This bike would allow her to engage in an activity that would otherwise be impossible for her. When she was younger, Leila loved to ride in a bike trailer attached to one of our bicycles, or a "toddler" 3 wheel bike with a handle for us to push her on.


"One adaptive bike for SUPER(Ai)MAN!"

Aiman H., 18, Dayton
Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy

Aiman was born healthy, however, has had three successful surgeries for his epilepsy. As a result, he has received inpatient rehabilitation to aid in regaining his strength and coordination. During this stay, Aiman was able to ride an adaptive tricycle. Having one at home will allow Aiman to increase his balance, coordination, and strength. Any funding would be appreciated!


"I want to be able to ride with my friends!"

Dalha A., 12, Columbus
Cerebral Palsy

Dalha rode a bike a few years ago and is eager to get a bike for himself at home! He wants to be able to ride with all of his friends in the neighborhood. Having a bicycle will allow Dalha to increase is overall strength and endurance, give him independence, and give him a way to play with his friends.


"I would love to ride, too!"

Alexander C., 12, Toledo
Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome Type 2

The bike means so much. He would be able to bike with his brother. I would also give him the capabilities to be more mobile, which he loves to do.


"The trike would be a long fulfillment to Elliot and something he would enjoy especially once he figures out he can go anywhere. It would open up his world to the community."

Elliot V., 7, Columbus
Autism - Nonverbal, Self Injurious Behaviors, level 3, Sensory Processing Disorder, Intellectual Disability, Requiring Substantial Assistance

Elliott is a 7-year-old boy who loves being outside. He would love to join his brother in riding bikes and participate in some form within the community at the parks and trails. He has a difficult time adjusting however, he would love the freedom that the adaptive trike would give him to be able to participate with other kids in his age range within the neighborhoods. Also, to be able to ride a bike alongside his brother and mom when we go outside for bike rides instead of sitting in a stroller. Eliott loves running around outside, the outdoors -His favorite color is Orange; he loves going to the zoo and seeing the zebras and Africa area of the zoo. He loves music and enjoys books - reading. He likes spelling words and the ability to be as independent as he can be. He is a sweet, loving little boy who also loves hugs, kisses, tickles, spins, piggyback rides, and enjoys eating.


"The opportunity of possibly getting a bike for Catherine will mean the world to me and our family."

Catherine N., 5, Pickerington
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Catherine is a soon to be 6 year old girl. Catherine was a pre-mature baby and spend almost six weeks at the NICU at Riverside Hospital. She was diagnosed with ASD at around 3 yrs old. She is none verbal and wants to do everything a little girl can do. Catherine has 3 older sisters and always wants to ride a bike with them whenever they are riding their bikes. She gets pretty upset and sad since she isn't able to ride a regular bike. We tried using an extra bike we have at home and it's challenging for her to ride. She would truly be happy knowing she can possibly have and ride a bike that would be catered to her need.


"He's so happy riding a bike!"

Eli P., 5, Washington CH
Cerebral Palsy

Eli has a wonderful face and cute smile. He's more happy when riding a bike! We can't wait to see him ride with his friends and family.


"I want to feel like I'm flying!"

Paisley P., 5, Portland
Myelomeningocele (Spina Bifida)

Paisley is five and has never been able to ride a bike. She wants to ride like her older brothers and feel like she is flying. We have tried finding a typical bike for years and none have worked. Every time we go to a store, Paisley wants to sit and try them out, and it's always disappointment. She is just a five year old who wants to do things with normalcy. Sadly finding a bike hasn't been easy. Getting Paisley a bike she can ride all on her own is truly a dream come true. She is excited to fly with her brothers.


"I want to ride with my brothers and sisters!"

Mathilda R., 8, Ottawa
Rett Syndrome

Mathilda would love to have an adaptive bike to improve range of motion and to reach therapy goals. This would give her more opportunity to keep up with 7 siblings.


"Meradith would improve in so many ways if she had a bike."

Meradith K., 13, Warren
Down Syndrome, Autism (non-verbal)

My daughter Meradith is a bright, fun-loving, energetic 12-year-old. She enjoys playing outside and participating in adaptive sports teams whenever possible. She rides an adaptive bicycling during PT and loves it. It's a fun way for her to get her recommended exercise. Having her own bike would not only help improve her physically by increasing endurance, balance, and cardiovascular function; but also socially. Being able to get on her own bike and ride just like any other child in the neighborhood would mean so much. She sees the kids riding, and I know she wants to get out there with them but unfortunately she can only watch.


"It's fun to ride a bike. I am excited to have one!"

Boston B., 9, Marysville
Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Boston is currently in 4-H in Union County and is taking cooking project. She loves to play outside with her siblings, friends and her dogs. A bike would allow her to be able to keep up with them better. Boston enjoys doing crafts. She enjoys music and is looking forward to singing in the choir.


"I can't wait for me and my family to enjoy bike rides together."

Guadalupe T., 5, Columbus
Cerebral Palsy

Guadalupe was born 2 and 1/2 months early in Mexico. She is Mexican American and has a dual citizenship. She was a miracle baby. She had bleeding on her right of side of the brain. This bleeding caused her left side of the body to barely function. Lupita has learned from a lot of different therapies beginning at about 2 months old . Nationwide Childrens Hospital has been our inspiration for us to stay strong and Lupita has pushed herself ( with the help of therapists) to walk, climb, learn how to stand. She recently learned how to put her socks and pants on all by herself. We call her left hand (Leftie) She is trying hard to get her shirts on but that task is still a challenge. We have conquered so much more. Lupita is trying hard to sound out her words Lupita loves the color light pink. She loves to pretend play. She loves to sing.( her own words) and dance. She loves me to read books to her to playing outside in the yard. She tries to ride her little hand scooter and she loves nature. She loves to help me cook ( learning ingredients to mix) She loves pretending to be the teacher and taking attendance and i have to be the student.. She loves me to tell her to dream about unicorns and she wakes up most of the time and tells me she had unicorn dreams. Lupita is full of life. She wants to be like all of the other kids.


"I can't wait to ride my own bike!"

Franklin N., 5, Columbus
Autism and Epilepsy

Having a bike will allow him to have a little bit of independence and will help him enjoy his childhood. It will give him a sense of normalcy and enjoyment outside.


"Riding her bike has been an activity that gives her confidence."

Kenzii W., 6, Columbus
Cerebral Palsy

Kenzii is a happy, driven, kind kiddo who works hard at everything she does. She loves to be active despite her motor difficulties and her favorite thing to do is ride her tricycle. Riding her bike has been an activity that gives her confidence because she really got the hang of it. Unfortunately, she has grown out of the one she has and finding one her size has been a big challenge.


"She loves being outside and having a bike to be able to ride with her little sister and go on walks with the family would mean the world to her!"

Sophia S., 6, Proctorville
Cerebral Palsy

Sophia is a beautiful 6.5 year old little girl with cerebral palsy among other diagnoses. She's super silly, smart, loving and kind. She loves swimming, swinging, music and being outside and having a bike to be able to ride with her little sister and go on walks with the family would mean the world to her! Having a way to be mobile that's not just a piece of medical equipment like her wheelchair would be so heartwarming and inclusive for her. She uses a walker but frequently uses a wheelchair as she gets tired very easily and has difficulty walking more than a few minutes. She's used an adaptive tricycle in therapy and has so much fun on it and does great! Having a tricycle is not only something recreational for her but also therapeutic! Having an adaptive bike sounds so simple but for children like Sophia this is truly a blessing and would bring her so much joy!


"I am looking forward to riding with my brothers."

Mason W., 12, Etna
Cerebral Palsy

Mason is 12 years old. He has two older brothers that love bike rides. Mason would love the opportunity to hang out with his older brothers on their rides. This would give Mason the chance to hang out with friends his age and be a part of the group. The bike also means Mason gets some much needed exercise and fresh air.


"Paisley would improve in so many ways if she had a bike."

Paisley P., 6, Ridgeway
1p36 Deletion Syndrome

Paisley needs to maintain her level of activity and improve coordination. Having a bike would allow her to complete this at home.


"Having an adaptive bike that can change as Axton changes would have such an positive impact on Axton's quality of life. We know we can keep that smile going strong."

Axton B., 6, Heath
Cerebral Diagnosis

Axton loves being outside and able to do what the other kids are doing. We have tried to modify different type of kids bikes ourselves with velcro straps for the pedals and what not but, his foot placement is still not correct in order to full navigate the bike. We go on many walks through our neighborhood and due to the uneven surfaces Axton has had many falls if he attempts to walk. I have a wagon we now pull him in but, with turning 7 he is getting too big for this and realizing the true purpose of the wagon. Axton is a full of life kid with the determination to overcome many obstacles his CP has thrown at him. He constantly has a smile on his face and not many things upset him. As he is learning that his body does not work like his peers as a mother it breaks my heart to hear, " i'm not good", " I can't do it", Or " my body is bad.". Having an adaptive bike that can change as Axton changes would have such a positive impact on Axton's quality of life. I know we can keep that smile going strong.

Impact lives with one bike today!

Every child deserves a chance to learn how to ride a bike - to feel the freedom and fun with friends and family. For thousands of central Ohio children with disabilities, the access, cost, and training for the right adaptive equipment is out of reach.

Adaptive Sports Connection provides specialized adaptive bikes for children. Working with a volunteer team of physical therapists and cycling enthusiasts, we offer bike evaluations for children, purchase adaptive bikes, put together the bikes, deliver the bikes, and teach children how to ride the bikes.

The joy on the faces of the children and parents is priceless. Last year we gave away 70 adaptive bikes to children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

This year we hope to give away 400 adaptive bikes through our Boundless Challenge Bike Giveaway for Kids.

Bikes restore a sense of possibility and ability to those whom are often told by society that their life is about limitations and disability. Help us in giving the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility through adaptive cycling.

Give the gift of health, independence, and the freedom of mobility!

For more information, please contact Sharon Bucey, CEO
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